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Shifting to Plan B

This reading is explosive and unique with suggestions on stopping the mundane routines of our lives. At times, many of us run into walls, metaphorically speaking. The straightforward response for this is: Stop the B.S., that is, Bad Structures, in our lives. Easy? Not at all. However, when we take the first step to do so, we begin to shift to a richer balance with less anxiety, reduced stress, and a more adventurous tomorrow.

There are several resources of guidance and wisdom for your digesting. The Blueprint and Platform is organized in a way to build and maintain inspiration for us.

Join the many others on the ride of a lifetime!

24 Ways to Sell 24 Life Policies In 94 Days

Blueprint for Success

Start or improve your results with a complete System, Structure, and Process

This program is aimed at insurance professionals who want to get comfortable with the selling of life insurance from prospecting to presenting and from appointment setting to closing. Starting conversations about Life insurance is sometimes the most difficult transition.  

The Idea concept, Presentation, Approach, Closing, Scripts, Follow Up, Digital Pieces, Excel Tracker, and more are all available for your use as you increase sales, meet higher production levels, assist more clients with critical needs and become more proficient in the approaches.

The System, The Structure, and The Process are available for the beginner agent or the 20-year-plus agent who simply wants a direction with a blueprint for launching Life Insurance Sales.